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QUAD - QUAntitative Diffraction

A software toolbox for x-ray dynamical diffraction for strained crystals


QUAD is a scientific software to calculate the x-ray scattering of light of strained crystals by solving the Maxwell-equations exactly. Because of it's general approach it is capable to simulate a lot of x-ray techniques including powder diffraction, Laue scattering, x-ray absorption XAS, x-ray reflectivity, x-ray diffraction, multiple diffraction. Its strength is especially in the soft x-ray regime where dynamical effects can be very important.


  • Stable and fast algorithm for simulation of light-scattering within strained crystals.
  • Full treatment of absorption, multiple scattering and multiple diffraction
  • Script language interface (LUA) for maximum flexibility
  • Parallelized algorithms for best performance
  • Variable light polarizations and polarization filters
  • Different interface roughness models
  • Processing of optical-constant databases
  • Choose accuracy of the algorithm from kinematical approximation to a full dynamical approach
  • Fitting routines for measurement data
  • 10 Tutorials

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